2017 Small-Lot Skin-Fermented Vidal

$26.09 / 750mL

2017 Small-Lot Skin-Fermented Vidal

The second wave in our experimentation with skin-fermented white wines – a.ka. orange / amber wines. Put most simply – this is a white that is made more like a red, fermented on its skins, giving a beautiful amber colour, enhanced flavour and a grippy tannic structure. An ultra small-lot of Vidal grapes were harvested from our organic-biodynamic Home Farm Vineyard. The wine fermented and macerated on skins for around one month with wild yeasts. Just 427 bottles (750 mL) produced.

Technical Details

Varietal Composition
100% Vidal Blanc
Total Acidity
7 g/L
Residual Sweetness
<2 g/L

Tasting Notes

The resultant wine has super-concentrated dried tropical fruit, herbal and slighty nutty notes on the nose. The palate is refreshing with low alcohol, moderate acidity and great texture from fine tannins.

Pairing suggestions include any dishes that might be too heavy for a white but too light for most reds such as white bean soup, tuna carpaccio, bouillabaisse, crispy haddock with legumes.

Serving Temperature: 9-13°C

Recommended Drinking: 2020-2023